Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fishbowl #4: The Great Gatsby, chapters 7-9

Let's have one last great discussion of this lovely novel.

A couple of thoughts for today:

Aim for 5 thoughtful posts, as a minimum, during today's discussion.  A thoughtful post...

  • Is carefully proofread. (We're doing a great job with this.)
  • Incorporates a cited quotation from the text.  To incorporate suggests one leads into, and out of, that quote versus referencing the quote & leaving it to your audience to infer how it relates to your comment or question.  See your classmates' great posts below as examples of how this looks.
  • Demonstrates good reading comprehension & critical thinking
Also, a couple reminders:
  • When asking a question, avoid leading "did" or "does" constructions in favor of more open-ended ones.
  • Use the thread feature to indicate to whom you're replying.  If you're beginning a new line of thinking or questioning, use the general post feature.
Felipe commented, "On page 98 Nick reveals about Gatsby's parents and his college life, 'His parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people... He stayed there two weeks, dismayed at its ferocious indifference to the drums of his destiny, to destiny itself, and despising the janitors work with which he was to pay his way through.' I would say that Gatsby is embarrassed about the "failures" that he had in his past such as dropping out in school and the embarrassed of having to work as a janitor to pay his tuition. Now he has a way to start over a new life or start over as a new character."

And here's a great question from Ally:  "On page 102 Gatsby is almost rubbing in the fact that he knows Daisy to Tom. 'I know your wife,' continued Gatsby, almost aggressively.' Is Gatsby trying to show Tom how above him he is? Is Gatsby jealous of Tom? Does Tom already know in some way?

Happy posting!